June 16th 08:00:00

Annual Cranbrook Firefighter’s Fishing Clinic

Come join us for our Annual Cranbrook Firefighter’s Fishing Clinic!

WHO: Any age person/child.

WHAT: Fishing! No cost or pre-registration required. Hot dogs and refreshments will be served, all free!

PRIZES: First prize will be chartered fishing trip and we are still gonna give away a new bike as well so make sure to come out.

For more than thirty years the Cranbrook Firefighters Association has been holding a Fishing Clinic at Idlewild Lake to encourage family unity and outdoor recreation in our community. Each year on Sam Steele Sunday we put on a Fishing Clinic for youth in Cranbrook Idlewild Lake. Our Association is comprised of career fire department members, retired members, and volunteer firefighters. These extremely dedicated members have worked hard over the years to organize this valuable community event so that our youth are provided the opportunity to enjoy the recreational opportunities that the East Kootenay Region has to offer.

The Clinic focuses primarily on family involvement, for parents and grandparents to pass on knowledge and sportsmanship in a fun and exciting atmosphere. In the past this Fishing Clinic has attracted over 300 participants, and with the community firmly supporting the event it has been very popular with our areas youth. We would like to believe the Fishing Clinic can be the start of a child’s passion for fishing and appreciation for the outdoors that could last the rest of their lives.


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